Estate Sale FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions I receive about Estate Sales.

What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale, or Tag Sale, is the liquidation of an estate’s contents for a move, downsizing, combining of households, or death of a loved one. They are held in a home and are a higher quality than simply a “garage sale.” Estate Sales consist of the actual items in the home like couches, dining room sets, bedroom suites, as well as glassware, knick-knacks, and collectibles. We do sell garage items, yard items, things in basements, etc. Whatever is in the home can be sold at an Estate Sale. We even sell the cars! Please browse our Photo Albums to see some of our previous sales.

What does Estate Sales by Allen do?

We are a professional, intelligent, and ethical company that conducts Estate Sales. We have been in business for over 30 years. Allen will first spend time talking about your estate and its contents, then will pick possible dates for your sale. Allen then works with you and formulates a plan for the big event!

Why would I need Estate Sales by Allen?

If you’re downsizing, combining households, moving to another home, moving to a retirement home, handling the estate of a loved one, or are a realtor or lawyer handling the estate of a client, we can help you liquidate the estate and get the most out of your things.

Why not sell stuff on my own?

We have the knowledge of what you’ve got, how much to price it, and we guarantee to get the customers in the door. We can spot a good find and know not only how much it books for, but we know fair market value and for how much it will actually sell. Advertising is very important, as are faithful customers. With Estate Sales by Allen, you are guaranteed both. We also have an e-mail list with over 20,000 names that goes out before each sale, and our Facebook following grows by the day.

How is Estate Sales by Allen different from other companies?

We have truly been a trusted name since 1983. We are a full-time, reliable company. Do not get fooled by part-time, fly-by-night Estate Sale companies. We have seen many come and go over the years. When an Estate Sale company has not been around long, they might not have the experience to liquidate your items, the passion for, or the knowledge of antiques and collectibles. Estate Sales by Allen has an extremely loyal following. We advertise well and pride ourselves on our large customer base.

How do I find out when and where your Estate Sales are?

We proudly advertise in the Tulsa World Classified's section. We have a Facebook page, and we always announce sales on this website. To join 20,000 of our loyal customers and get sale notifications delivered directly to your inbox, please join our e-mail list by clicking the green envelope on the left. All information is kept private, never given to a third-party, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What is a buy-out?

A Buy-Out is when the estate home does not contain enough items to actually hold the sale on the premises. When this is the case, Allen and the potential client agree on a price for all items left in the home. Also, if there is a time-crunch and the items have to leave the house before a rapidly approaching date, Allen recommends a Buy-Out or Consignment. In some cases, clients prefer this so they can get back to their out of town or out-of-state home.

Do you do auctions?

We do not do auctions, we price each item. We handle each item and price it individually. We clean, wash, sort and hand-price each item.

What happens to the left over items?

We price fairly and as the days progress, our prices drop by percentages. Throughout the entire sale, customers are able to leave bids on higher-priced items. These bids are called in and if the person wants to purchase the item for the price they offered, we sell it to them before we mark the item down. After having thousands of people pass through, and our fair prices dropping, if the house is not empty, we donate what little is left. If the client wishes to keep certain items before donation, they always have that option. Our client has the pick of whichever charity they wish to use. What is left is usually not of value, by this point.

You take "bids?" What are those?

Bids are taken daily and reviewed at the end of each day of the sale. If a customer is interested in an item, they fill out a bid card with their contact information as well as the price they're willing to pay. If the item is still there and they have the highest bid, we call them and the item is theirs to buy.

What does Estate Sales by Allen charge?

Allen will go over our commission-based fee during his free consultation. Any and all questions will be answered.

How can I be sure you’re the company for me?

Call Allen and he will assess the contents of your home. Also, come to one of our sales and talk to our customers! Many of our past clients have been customers at our sales and continue to shop with us. They have seen how Estate Sales by Allen operates, and what a fair and honest job we do.

How do we get started?

Simply call or e-mail Estate Sales by Allen! We will get you in the books for a free consultation, which is step one! © Estate Sales by Allen 2024